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"Chouilly, a terroir classified Grand Cru on the Côte des Blancs"

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The estate wich provides our grapes is distributed on the village of Chouilly, the second largest communal vineyard of Champagne.
Prestigious houses pride themselves of owning vineyards on this ‘Grand Cru’ classified terroir.
Chouilly is at the heart of Cote des Blancs where Chardonnay finds the ideal conditions for its development. The famous and delicate white grape is particularly dominant in this region giving its name to ‘Cote des Blancs’ .
This varietal is very delicate to grow and particularly sensitive to frost, but its development is quite slow which is ideal for the aging of the wines.
These golden grapes give our Champagnes a great aromatic finesse.


Cherishing the grapes

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Owners of vineyards for several generations, our families have always provided their grapes to large Champagne producers.

Champagne Alezanse was born from the wish to affix our signature on our Blancs de Blancs cuvees to share with you the fruit of our labor.

A large part of the estate wich provides our grapes is located in Revers de Montaigu lands, a famous landmark in Chouilly. With hillsides and light slopes very well exposed and sheltered from the prevailing winds this mythical land provides grapes of exceptional quality, ideal raw material for our prestigious cuvees.

We make the best of each plot to develop our Champagnes.

Thanks to the perfect knowledge of our vineyards, we draw the best of our vines to prepare our Champagnes.

We are committed to practice a sustainable and environmentally friendly winegrowing business and most of our work is still done by hand.
We are offering today the excellence of our vintage Champagnes.
Fine and elegant, they have the character of our terroir, The Cote des Blancs and its varietal, the Chardonnay.
Champagnes Alezanse are as valuable as moments of happiness shared with your loved ones